Grandmothers Underwear – S21:E8

Chloe Templeメs mom has recently remarried, giving her a new stepbrother in Alex Mack. When Chloeメs BFF Andi Rose asks about it, Chloe says Alex is quiet and keeps to himself. She also comments that her grandmother is in town and that Alex and Grandma have been disappearing a lot at the same time. Just as the girls are speculating about it, they hear sex sounds coming from Grandmaメs room. When Alex walks out of the room, the girls know exactly whatメs happening. They call him in for questioning, which is when Chloe notices the grandma panties in Alexメs pocket.The girls want to know how Alex and Grandma did it. Did they go for it in missionary? Doggy? Andi really wants to see how hung Alex is since Grandma is into it. When she pulls Alexメs pants down, she realizes that he really does have a huge cock. Now Andi isnメt playing around anymore: She wants the cock. She pulls down her shorts and offers her pussy up for Alex to fuck. Chloe thinks Alex wonメt do it, but heメs not afraid. He puts that big dick into Alexメs twat and gives it to her just like she asked. Chloe watches for a hot minute, then pulls her own shorts down so Alex can eat her out as sheメs getting boned from behind. Once Chloe sees Alex in action, she slides forward because she, too, wants to know how he fucked her grandma. Andi waits for Chloe to be totally into it, then climbs on Chloeメs face so she can enjoy riding her bestieメs tongue. Alex lies down next so that Andi can ride him in reverse cowgirl while Chloe caresses and squeezes for added pleasure. Andi climbs off and licks Alexメs hardon clean before remounting him in cowgirl. Chloe climbs aboard for a ride of her own, which leads her to the ultimate satisfaction. Never ones to take without giving, the girls kneel between Alexメs thighs to share his hardon in a double deep throat BJ that doesnメt end until he has delivered his load for both of them to enjoy. Now that their curiosity has been satisfied, they go back to teasing Alex for fucking Grandma.